2 comments on “Madhesi Morality

  1. Dear Divas Jii,

    What is wrong in “attitude of the Madhesi culture toward women”?

    Women are given high importance in madhesi society. Renu Chaudhury, Sarita Giri, or Chitralekh are few name you might be hearing quiteoften. There are many such names in other field also. The Madhesi as a society itself is in doom, thats why the number appears so minimal.

    By pushing women into war, human is not doing justice to their compassionate, motherly, sensible, caring, feminine, and etc nature.

    There are other better responsibilities that madhesi women are ready to take up.
    And why do you think that Dalits are not on the forefront of madhesi

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ram Manohar

    Thanx fr ur prompt response.

    just like they say that only “Khas Men Bramhins’ r everywere in the State, i see that only people with certain cast tag like Yadavs, Jhas, Thakurs, & Mishras r in the Madhesi leadership from the “State Parties” to those against it.

    If I’m wrong, biased, or misinformed, plz help me understand.

    And I think many women, including those u’ve mentioned, with present day educational values would find it hard to agree that they should be denied of those aspects of human life which imparts courage & confidence into their personality.

    With sincere regards,

    Dear Divas Jii,

    Please try to findout about Mahato, Chadhury, Paswan, Goit, and also
    prepare list of Madhesi Martyrs, and then compare, who all are
    represented in the movement.

    Your statement about madhesi women is global ( with no end and no
    start). Specify with examples. At least, one of the madhesi part is
    lead by women, please show similar example from other party.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ram Manohar

    Thank you Sir, that’s all I wanted to say!

  2. dear everyone,
    i am a beginner in political field
    what ever is said may be true and i don’t want to discuss on that topic since i am not that familiar with the issue….. but just wanna express a little concern on the issue going on in terai.

    here the aandolan so called is now turning like a communual fight. nepal as a country is not of a people from a single community neither nepal is formed from a single caste.
    people are driving away the pahadis from terai, is that what right they are searching. are they searching final terai as of the people who are the groups from terai only? Isolated terai from outside world is what they want?
    Their objective as per my guess is for right…… but killing the people of other community is never in their objective. They are fighting for right but killing any people is not accepted as a human right wordwide…..
    so frens…… i am a beginner and my points may not be that relevant and may seem harsh…. but please clear my doubts…. all response are invited and.
    thanking u all.


    Thanx Rajesh for your concern for humanity. Let’s hope politicians/leaders from top to bottom realize this.

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