8 comments on “Regulate Border With India to Curb Crimes in Nepal Terai

  1. Thank you for sharing, my friend!! Unfortunately, India blames its neighbors for its internal problems rather than taking responsibility for its own actions. And yet they interfere in their neighbor’s internal affairs!

    This isnt the first time they did Nepal-bashing anyways. After the Mumbai attacks, they blamed Nepal along with Pakistan and Bangladesh…without ANY evidence! Oh but who can forget the Muslim extremist training camps operating in Nepal…riight? Note my sarcasm.

    Heres more on it:
    Mohammad at 2:10pm Jan 31

    “He said 11 Pakistanis were involved in the operation, and had crossed into India in small groups from Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.”

    “Meanwhile India has announced that it is stepping up security on its borders with Nepal and Bangladesh after investigations into the bombings showed that militants and weapons were smuggled from those areas.

    Officials told the Reuters news agency that the number of border guards on the open frontier with Nepal would be doubled to nearly 11,000.

    They say that troops have also been ordered to speed up the construction of a security fence on the border with Bangladesh, and use high-technology equipment to monitor the area.”

  2. Even if you double or increase to 10 times this open border can not stop these things. You must aware that all smugglers are Indians and all the security personals are also partners of these people. These are all concerns of India and Indians and Not a single nepali are involved in these things

  3. not sure i agree with sanu…clearly “not smugglers are indians and all security personals are also partners of these people”…let’s be sure to pick up on our contribution to the problem that seeps in and out of our porous border. mutual border control would be helpful on both sides. there’s got to be some solid reasons why this topic hasn’t been considered at the official level…dr. divas?

  4. “Good fences make good neighbors.” Can’t agree more on this. Monitoring the border would be helpful for both sides.

  5. yes the border security should be tightened. The police must be trained and sure, active. They should fight border crime rather than running from it…

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