9 comments on “Hillary Deserves the White House!

  1. wouldn’t true equality be ignoring the fact that she’s a woman? Are you serious when you say that we ought to simply because we’ve never had a woman in office before? really?

  2. It is completely ridiculous to say that the “American people must prove this time that they are not the most rigid, stereotyped, and chauvinist voters on earth.” When electing the leader of our country for the next four years, the only thing that should be taken into account is each candidates stances on the issues at hand. To suggest that we should give more weight to a candidate simply to prove to the world that we are a progressive nation is an ignorant and absurd idea. Vote for the candidate who is best suited to lead our country, not who is the best publicity stunt.

  3. Madam President!!!
    Battle Tested!!!

    Hillary is America’s Queen!!!

  4. By Bonnie
    Obama is the next best thing to George Bush! Inexperienced, good ol’ boy, fun to be with, a uniter not a divider, unknowledgeable about everything, interested in sports so much so he focused on the football game Saturday night not the debates! The only difference is, George Bush sticks stubbornly to his believes and Obama changes his according to polls!
    Wake up everyone! Obama equals 4-8 more years of a an incompetent President in the White House. Love it! (Not)
    Hillary is the only candidate that will make America GREAT AGAIN!

  5. You cannot compare Obama to Bush in anyway or manner. If you read any Hillary Clinton biographies you will see without a doubt where she has bent to popular demands throughout her history in order to advance herself in her goals. Who was it that voted for the Iraq war and then changed her mind? My sugestion is to be informed as best you can before casting a vote for anyone. I don’t want to shed a bad light on Hillary or anyone else, but I want to be able to choose and make my choice with great thought as to what would be good for us as a united people. Politics of old will not do it. Anger and unwillingness to compromise won’t do it.

  6. i agree. i’d be happy if Obama wins. But i skeptic that majority of voters would choose an inexperienced black as their President.

  7. Hillary when you was in office with Bill we all said if you ever ran for President we would vote for you . We new you would be very good at it. So I am pushing for you so hard . So don’t let anything stop you we need you to clean up this mess the republicans have done.
    Its not about you being a woman its about you being the smartest cookie in the jar .

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