4 comments on “New Year in the World’s Newest Republic Nepal

  1. I still remember that election, “Bahudal or Nirdal”? All the parties, leaders who are in power right now wanted “Bahudal”. But, majority of Nepalese voted for “Nirdal”. Defeated “Bahudal” still not happy. Late King Birendra formed “Bahudaliya “ interim government. But “Bahudal”, parties started fighting each other for the gift. Peaceful, beautiful and touristic place became violent and poorer along with “Bahudaliya”system. Too many parties in a small country main problem right now. The elections in “Nirdaliya” system were inexpensive and always on time. Representatives of minorities used to be nominated in the house. Powerless King Gyanendra is happy and will be happy with his crown. He tried his best to bring peace in Nepal which his brother, late king Birendra wanted. In short, King Gyanendra is not the root problem in Nepal. Personal opinion.

  2. Nepal Peace, the question here is not of King G.
    How to accomodate all the conteding ethnic groups then?
    Plz elaborate.

  3. well, i think the burning issues of nepal especially concerning contending ethnic gorups are not to be accomodate with proper solution like here i have enlisted below
    1)all ethnic group must have entitlement on their territory ,for eg. Lamjunge must have the facility of electricity ,in some vdcs like vorletar , nalma , duradanda, sindure,dhuseni,kuncha,neta,etc.this statement is for,middle marsyandi hydro electricity ,generating in lamjung ,although not distributed among the lamjunge are not to confined to the government policy ,at least they should have the benifits of their nearest resources .and there are so many examples like that in which the local participation is lacking thus bringing future catastrofic disasters.
    2)our government must give the most easiest way of excess to the all administrative divisions to the ethinic groups on the basis of their ethinic population number. this is why,for,there are more than sixty enlisted janajaitis in nepal and they all dont have the equal ability to compete in the huge mass thus it ensures the quota for each ethnic groups .now the so called policy of (janajati
    aranchhyan ) is only confined in words .if one gets to the final interview for any administrative post ,he will be out in final instead another estbalished caster people will be the diserving candidate in janajati quota this is the ground reality cause the boss belong to the next ethnic group.remember , unless and untill janajati are equally given acesses in the governing process there cant hope peace and harmony in the country .
    3) no doubt fedualism in the name of ethnic groups make the government paralised ,understanding the truth,we want no fedualism in the country,because the county is not for a single ethnic groups .
    4) Finally, the most important thing is the politics ,i mean Nepalese political leaders are the fucking dicks , i prefer to call bastards, because neither they have the nationality nor they have prestige for their own .eventhough they are the man we elected , after election they cover their face and fuck their own mother’s ass.
    5)sorry,drowned in to the spontinity of feelings iam fucked for a minute , cominging

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