3 comments on “Travel Advisory Issued in the Interest of Non-Adventurous, Gullible, & Chickenshit Visitors to Nepal

  1. “If you love lonely rural countrysides, you may be robbed of your valuables. (Material or otherwise)” hehehehehe!!!! Its sad, but it sounds funny!!

  2. Jessica Porringa says:

    Hi Divas,

    We appreciate your input into the trip site, all additions are welcome, however after reading through your addition I didn’t find one argument against going to Nepal that couldn’t be used for many other countries in the same part of the world.

    Furthermore I think that the people who have joined this site are aware that if they join us on the trip this year that they won’t be going to have the typical tourist experience nor will they be staying in a five star hotel, that simply isn’t the point of the journey.

    If I had listened to every travel advisory I read prior to travelling, I don’t think I would have been outside Canada yet. In the future if you’re going to post an advisory atleast make it from a reputable site folks. Cheers!

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