4 comments on “Nepal Flag: In Search of Metaphors

  1. Hello Divas,
    i don’t agree much with you regarding the Nepal’s flag.

    Rana and Royal don’t hold their propreitorship on those symbol.

    and i don’t really care what worldatlas says about it.

    They need to rectify this. Moon and sun is our symbol because, we brave nepalese are there for our motherland nepal till Moon and Sun remains. i was taught that way when i was in school.

  2. Navin,
    Do you believe everything they taught in your school?

    Eg: They also taught the (king) Tribhuvan as the Father of Democracy.

    For me, the Nepali flag represents how Shahs and Ranas had ruled, day (sun) and night (moon) for centuries.

    Red is the blood of the people – blood of all those who died – thinking they were dying for their nation. Bichara haru.

    Blue, represents the fun and “bilashi-ta” of those rulers.

  3. Its your identity first of all. Flag doesn’t reflect the rule of shah and ranas, it is our identity.. one nation- free nation.

    Proud to be Nepali

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